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Account Organization to Prevent the Forgotten Password

Updated: Aug 15

I know you are all with me when you are logging in to an account that you have a million times before, and then it has the nerve to tell you that your password is incorrect. Excuse me, I know this is the right password...or at least I think I do. Let me check the sticky that I made- crap, where is that?

I was so sick of this process (and hearing it happen to my mom and husband, too) that I decided to make a digital spreadsheet to keep everything in one place. I have it set to alphabetical order by website/place and then also have listed my email, username, and password that goes along with that account. Now before you get all paranoid about passwords, take note that my passwords are not actually written down.

I have about 5 different passwords that I use at a time, and each of them is memorized (I'll start to incorporate a new password and get rid of one that I've been using the longest). So when I write down my password it's not "JessicaHaizman123" but maybe "Myself". Or "DogsAreCute9876" would be "Favorite Animal". Now this isn't the perfect solution but it works for me. Another great way to combat the forgotten password is to STILL use the accounts list BUT also have a small paper with your TRUE passwords in your

home safe so that if you do forget what the clue stands for, you can find it.

Now this system has worked PERFECTLY for my husband and me. He knows that if he makes a new account he needs to call and let me know the password. When I make a new account or am notified, I immediately pause what I am doing and update our spreadsheet. (Almost always, and if I don't... I'm kicking myself later).

Remember to be careful. Yes, you want this to make your life easier. But you also want to keep your private information PRIVATE. So don't write your passwords down exactly, and use clues like I explained above.

This system is great but just like any other system, you have to use it and make adjustments to improve it. Make it work for you!!

Always, Jess


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