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HABITS: Do MORE than Just Track your Habits

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Printing out a habit tracker and listing out traits that you want to have is not enough to create lasting habits. While your intentions are good, and you may be able to last the month- these habits will quickly fade if life gets hard. Keep reading to hear the tips I have for making sure you reach success for all your desired habits! (Or if your more of a video person- check out the youtube video that outlines the whole process)

Step 1: Create a Goal/Value List

Even if you aren't crazy about the idea of picking up new habits- this is still a great tool to use! You can print this out and then fill it in by yourself or with your spouse/family. Taking the time to write down your goals makes them REAL. It sets up your path to success and gives you a visual for what you are working towards.

In the center of each flower put a category of your life that you value. We had 6 but you can have more or less- and make the customizable to you.

Here are ours:

(these are examples of the areas of life that we value)

1. Self

2. Spouse

3. Family

4. Quality of Life

5. Contribution to the World

6. Finance

We then broke these categories down even more (the petals):

(Again, make sure these relate to YOU and YOUR goals, use mine as examples)

Self- Emotional, Nutritional, Physical, Intellectual, Growth

Spouse-Communication,Romance, Time, Support, Growth

Family- Kids, Intention

Quality of Life- Social, Home, Travel, Perspective

Contribution to the World- Life Purpose, Career, Give, Charity

Finance- Comfort, Assets, Investment, Retirement

And Again We broke down those sub-categories even further with specific goals (listedunder the categories):

(These are specific goals for each of our values, use as examples!)

Self-Emotional: Meditate, self talk, positivity, journaling

Self-Nutritional: Vitamins, minerals, flexibility with diet

Self-Physical: Workout, mobility, sleep, posture, energy

Self-Growth: Work ethic, learning from failures, self examination, and persistence

Self-Intellect: Learn, read, continuing education

Spouse-Communication: POV, working through disagreements, #sameteam, respect

Spouse-Romance: Actively love each other, surprises, sex life, date night, attention, pursuit

Spouse-Time: Active listening, intent

Spouse-Support: Comfort, encouragement, inspire, appreciate

Spouse-Growth: patience, improvement, meeting each other, compromise

Family- Kids: opportunities, intentional, prepared, stable (this will develop when we start a family)

Family-Intention: be present, allocate time

QOL-Home: Clean, healthy, systematic, simple, plants

QOL-Social: Friends, fun

QOL-Perspective- Positive language, stay calm, POV

QOL-Travel- Experiences

CTW-Life purpose: *will add to this

CTW-Career: Expansion, enjoyment

CTW-Give: Financial, time, knowledge

CTW-Charity: lead others through clear path

Finance-Comfort: Live within means, not to be held back

Finance-Assets: 2 cars, home, land

Finance-Investment: Us, children

Finance-Retire: Early retirement

Step 2: Create a mission statement in which you will live by and use a reminder of your values and goals: (Again use this as an example and make sure it encompasses your goals).

"Our mission as individuals is to focus on our emotional, physical, intellectual, and nutritional health. To fuel our bodies with vitamins and minerals while still maintaining flexibility in our diet. To work on our body frequently to ensure we stay mobile and maintain a healthy energy. To mature emotionally through meditation, self talk, positivity, and journaling. To listen, learn, and read so we are able to grow intellectually. To continue to improve in aspects that are weak through self examination, persistence, and learning from our failures.

Our goal for our marriage is to uphold our vows made on our wedding day. To keep the romance alive through actively loving one another, surprising each other, pursuing each other both through intimacy and attention. To secure frequent date nights, no matter the season of life. To give each other time by actively and intentionally listening. To communicate in all areas of our relationship. To understand each other’s point of view and work through disagreements. To respect each other even in the hardest situations and to always remember we are on the same team. We aim to support one another through comforting, encouraging, inspiring, and appreciating the other. We aspire to grow in our patience and improve on our weaknesses. To meet the changes that one another makes, and to compromise when necessary.

Our goal is to start a family through birthing or adopting children. We will be intentional in our parenting ways and start a family when we are stable and prepared to give the opportunities we want to provide. We also aim to maintain a close relationship with our extended families by allocating time and being present when possible.

Our quality of life goals are to surround ourselves with a diverse group of friends from different areas of life. We aim to continue to attend fun events and deem friends as an important aspect of our life. We aim to create a home that is clean and healthy, set up through simple successful systems- a home that is open for friends and family at any time. We aspire to travel for fun, for experience, and for new perspectives. And we aim to create a calm positive environment in which we live daily.

Our life contribution through our career and charity is highly related to sharing our knowledge. We aim to lead others by giving information and time, but also providing financial support when we feel lead to. We hope to expand our business to become larger so that we can HELP more individuals. We hope that we can continue to enjoy doing what we do, and truly give back through our work. We aim to feel confident in our understanding of purpose, and what we feel called to do through every stage of life.

Financially, we aim to live a comfortable life within our means but with the goal to not be held back by money. We hope to own a home, cars, and land. While simultaneously investing in both our future, and the future of our children. We aim to ‘retire’ early so that we can continue giving back to the communities that we are called to be a part of.

We aim to be honest with ourselves, with each other, and with our families so that we can continue to grow and become the individuals, the couple, and the family that we aspire to be."

Step 3: Create a List of Habits

(you will continually add to this and change this, here is some of ours as examples) **you can also use your notes app or reminders app to keep a running list, whatever you prefer!

-Stretch daily

-no electronics in bed

-better posture

-journal daily

-get outside everyday

-date night weekly

-greet each other first, always

*and the list goes on and on

Step 4: Pick something and work on in, until it becomes automatic (A HABIT!)

You can use these two organizers to keep track as you work on each habit, or you can use a habit tracking app- whatever you prefer.


-Break down goals into smallest part and work on that

-Focus on one thing at a time for difficult habits

-Focus on a few small things if you want to work on more than 1

-Have a reason (goal or value) behind the habit your working towards

Find all these PDF's on my website!

Always, Jess


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