JHP Episode 1: Introducing The Jessica Haizman Podcast

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

How did I get started? What lit the fire in my heart to share my life on social media? Why is having a clean and organized home so important to me? Listen to my first ever episode to learn all about me AND for an amazing giveaway!

The Jessica Haizman Podcast: Expect everything from organization, cleaning, minimalism, mindfulness, health, fitness, productivity tips, relationships, self care, and so much more.

Giveaway details; I've partnered with MDesign to giveaway some of the best kitchen organization products for YOU, the listeners here from the very beginning!

  • 10 airtight storage containers (2 large, 4 medium, 4 small).

  • 3 Brown open weave storage containers

  • 8 Compartment Tea bag holder

  • 9" lazy susan

  • 2 pack adhesive cabinet bin

This is my husband, Alexander and my Australian Shepherd puppy Bali. (She's named after our honeymoon which was EPIC!)

My husband is the one that encouraged my to start a blog, to share how I planned our wedding entirely by myself... but that didn't work out exactly as planned and I ended up using the platform to share my entire life!

In less than a year I've gained over 65,000 Instagram followers and almost 1 million Tiktok followers! I share my entire life with a focus centered around living an organized life and maintaining a clean home.

In addition to my social media presence, I also nanny two sweet children and am a freelance American Sign Language Interpreter. Schooling is where my love of organization was planted, and its been growing ever since!

I am so excited to dive into a variety of different topics each week and share them with you!

Always, Jess


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