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JHP Episode 10:Libido, Birth Control, Infertility; Alisa Vitti Answers All of Your Hormone Questions

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Alisa Vitti is a women's hormone and functional nutrition expert and pioneer in female biohacking and femtech.

Her company, FLO Living, is changing the narrative for women's hormonal and menstrual healthcare. Through its digital programs, telehealth coaching, and supplements, women everywhere can naturally treat their hormonal issues like PCOS, PMS, Infertility, and Perimenopause. Vitti believes that it's long overdue for an end to women's unnecessary hormonal suffering.

She has written two bestselling books: WomanCode and the newly released, In the FLO - the first book to discuss the female infradian rhythm. It describes her IG-loved Cycle Syncing Method(TM)— the first and only diet, fitness, and lifestyle program that is actually based on female hormonal patterns.

"Your cycle should be considered your 5th vital sign"



Alisa realized early on in life that there was something wrong with her hormones when she only got her period 5 times in 5 years but doctors suggested that the only solution was birth control. In her own research she found PCOS and felt her symptoms matched and after meeting with her gynecologist who confirmed her diagnosis.

Checkout Alisa's book "In the Flo"

Alisa's PCOS:

-no cure but medications available to suppress symptoms

-pushed Alisa to research further & realized that diet and lifestyle were the biggest factors.

-hysterectomy is the best surgical solution

for these issues

" I saw the limitations of conventional medicine dealing with systemic hormonal problems

It starts young:

- Alisa noticed problems at the age of 12 which is normal!

-precocious puberty is a big problem from being overexposed to Xenoestrogens from non-organic dairy and animal products that have synthetic hormones and chemical exposure (think pesticides on the lawn)

-watch for symptoms- acne, mood, energy, fatigue, cycle (its not supposed to be a struggle!)

-Improve diet and lifestyle for enormous results in dealing with hormonal changes (as opposed to modern medicine that always suggests the pill)

ITS NEVER BEEN STUDIED: Taking hormonal birth control in the teenage body, the brain is still developing till the age of 22! Your body is developing connections and when you jump on medication that process is never completed! So the women coming off birth control after decades are seeing problems because its never been finished.

-birth control is stripping you of the micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) that your endocrine system needs to work well. So any symptoms you had before, should be expected to be MORE problematic now!

Women are destined to suffer

We are taught this again and again

but this is not true! Your cycle should not be hard

If you are having cycle issues, take is as seriously as you

would an elevated temperature, don't just ignore it!

for my generation, the solution was always birth control and we've been on it for decades- so what do we do!

Birth Control:

- Any synthetic birth control is not fixing your period, shuts down your infradian rhythm, and changes your personality and preferences. (read the book "Your Brain on Birth Control" by Sarah Hill)

- The copper IUD is a bit extreme

- Alternatives: TRACK! basal body temperature tracking, luteinizing hormone apps, and now have a gel that changes the mucosa to make in hospitable to sperm. You simply enter before intercourse and it washes out naturally- no hormones!

- There is only a total of 7 consecutive days when you are fertile, so the idea of 100% protection isn't true.

"If you aren't tracking your cycle you are doing your body a disservice."

Download the My Flo App

Flo Protocol: A hormonal healthcare

platform that supports women in

identifying hormone imbalances and

provides the information, products, and

support to get back to healthy living.

Flo Protocol:

  1. Blood Sugar Management- Planning each meal. i.e breakfast with fats, protein, and complex carbs or eliminating coffee on an empty stomach

  2. Adrenal Response - over or under active due to stress

  3. Support Pathways of Elimination- detoxification so you can have more efficiency with metabolizing estrogen (so many problems are because of an estrogen dominance

  4. Maintenance Mode- you have addressed underlying problems and symptoms are getting better and now you incorporate the infradian rhythm. #CycleSyncingMethod

There is a horrible assumption that WHATEVER WE STUDY WITH MEN should be the SAME WITH WOMEN: which is so out of date and 100% not true!

Diets and workout plans follow a circadian rhythm due to men developing it but women have a dual biological rhythm system including the circadian and infradian rhythm.

Nutrition- 1st half of the cycle is slightly lower compared to the second half and because of this you must eat 279 more calories per day!

Workouts- HIIT workouts are the "gold standard" but this is a bad idea for women because resting cortisol levels are lower in the beginning but increase in the second half which means you should AVOID cardio! If you continue, your body turns on fat storage!

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Always, Jess


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