JHP Episode 12: What Your Website NEEDS and How to Make it Work

Sarah Crook is the founder and CEO of Alisabeth Designs, a branding and web design boutique for wedding industry professionals serving clients worldwide. When Sarah is not leading her team of 7, you'll find her guiding her group of over 1000 designers in weekly discussions or mentoring designers one on one to help them achieve their greatest business aspirations.

In her free time, Sarah enjoys traveling with her family and serving at a local nonprofit organization. She has been nominated for Forbes 30 under 30, 20 on the Rise, and featured multiple times in the Showit Spark Anthology. She is highly involved in educational business outlets nationwide and offers training for designers via her online course and one on one coaching.

"There are certain things that google can knock you, which can be hurting your business "


All Things BRANDING:

what goes on behind the scenes for a successful website?

  • How to fail forward

  • What is branding & SEO

  • What SEO is

  • Why is web design is so important

  • Mistakes brands make often

  • what you NEED on your home page!

  • The most important place to start

"If you have the basics, 
you need to get people to GO to your website"

Find more information on Sarah's website: https://alisabethdesigns.com


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