JHP Episode 15: Minimalism Home With the Armsteads

Curious about what minimalism is or how it looks like for a family of 5? I get comments all the time saying that decluttering isn't an option with kids.. but Carleen and C'jon are here to share otherwise with their first hand experience living a minimalist lifestyle with 3 kids!

"let go of the expectation that the house needs to be clean ALL of the time,

just reset when I can"


TOTAL OPPOSITE STORIES-both came to minimalism:

They both grew up in total different households, and this affected the way the viewed "things!"

Here are some amazing concepts we dove into;

  • Their daughters diagnosis of a speech delay started the decluttering process!

  • How they dealt with the feeling over being overwhelmed throughout the process

  • What space they began with, and what they would suggest YOU start with!

  • How to get your spouse on board with this new concept of "minimalism"

  • How their upbringings affected the way they viewed "stuff"

  • The emotions that came along with decluttering

  • The right way to tackle sentimental items

  • What their house feels like with "less"

  • Conversations you can have with kids about donating

  • Handling holidays and gifts with kids

  • Tips for paper clutter

"We just wanted to get it out of the house,
I'm lazy and didn't want to have to deal with selling"

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