JHP Episode 16: Manifest Your Mindset for Overall Health

Megan Blacksmith FDN, one of the incredible women from the Zesty Ginger on Instagram sits down to talk about the female body and just how powerful the words you speak to yourself are.

"Getting a hold of your thoughts and words, things will start to shift in your life"


"You stated it,

& It happened."

Here are some amazing concepts we dove into;

  • Megans own health concerns and how she battled being told she was "normal"

  • How she found functional medicine and using the power of thoughts

  • How her thoughts influenced her pregnancy, labor, and her children

  • How Megan changed her diet to better support her body

  • What she did when she "plateaued"

  • The power of thoughts and how they can break you down or build you up

  • The specific steps to start changing your patterns and rewiring your brain

  • How to stay in the a para-sympathetic (non-stressed) state of mind

"Question your thoughts, is this true?"
"When you focus on what you want, that's what you notice."
"When you focus on what you don't want, that's what you notice."

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