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JHP Episode 6: Fiverr Millionaire Shares How to Earn Big Bucks Freelance Writing

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Alexandra shares her incredible story and gives insight

on how to make some serious cash without a 9-5 job.

Alex Fasulo is a full-time freelance writer, Fiverr millionaire,

and host of the Freelance Fairytales Podcast.

She is best known for making 378k in one year using

Fiverr's freelancing platform as a PRO seller.

"It wasn't a pretty decision, it was just out of necessity"


Alex shares how she went from a

normal 9-5 job to freelancing for Fiverr

Burning Passion? Maybe Not:

Alexandra went to college and made it through a big chunk of life before realizing that she loved writing. It wasn't something that tugged at her, and she didn't grow up dreaming of becoming a writer. But nevertheless she truly does love it now.

Started working in a corporate setting at 21 and moved to NYC. (After applying to 200 jobs!)

How long did she last? 4 WEEKS!

Which led her to freelancing, it wasn't pretty- just a necessity.

Unique journey figuring out how to make money to avoid going back to corporate.

- Posted on writing sites

- Direct messages influencers on social media

- Charged a cheap rate to show worth

- Customer service for 5 start reviews

Fiverr: Get anything done for $5.00

How does Fiverr work?

Freelancing marketplace full of buyers and sellers

- Create a GIG (service you offer) i.e blogs, website, Ebooks, etc

- Instant, short term jobs based on order

- Buyer has to fill out a questionnaire (topic, business URL, key words)

- You control how much you work and how much you make

- Fiverr Pro- for top 1% of sellers

3 months into Freelancing I embraced it and loved every second of it, but it wasn't until 6 months in did I know this was long term.

"I can control what I make,

which means I can control my bills"

I didn't know if this was going to be long term,

I didn't realize this would become a brand

but I did know that I could write

and people would pay for that.


- Waited 2 years before raising prices ($15 to $25)

- Never set a cap because making money was more important to sleep

- Never said no to an order

- Didn't have time management skills and would work 16 hour days

How did you manage your time? I didn't!


The hard work has paid off and has allowed me to mentor others

to not make the same "mistakes" that I did. #regretnothing

open fiver tonight, create a profile and DO IT.

-no course, coaching, or video is more beneficial than you doing it

- work for free for family and friends to gain experience!

- customer service is the most important and will take you far

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Always, Jess


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