JHP Episode 8: Tell Your Story and Amplify Others with Jenny Jay

Jenny Jay is an award-winning cinematographer, photographer, writer, and activist. She is also the founder and owner of The Double Jay Collective, a photography and videography studio based out of Toronto, where she helps brands create engaging, heartfelt, and sales-driven content. Whether she's behind the camera, documenting her travels or amplifying the stories that need to be told, Jenny is an embodiment of what it means to be a true multimedia creator. She writes, films, photographs, travels, and above all else, she lives.

"notice the moments you have in your life "



Jenny grew up to immigrant parents in Canada with a complex cultural background. She watched as her parents saved to be able to afford a townhome after 15 years of being in the USA. She has always had a creative side and when trauma hit in high school she couldn't wait to move away and leave for University.

The Journey to Entrepreneurship:

Between semesters she traveled to unique spaces so that she could afford to continue her education. The first place was in the Ukon, next to Alaska! She has ended up working in a tiny town in Europe as well with less than 1000 residents. After just a month into one of her jobs, she had a migraine induced stroke which helped put things into perspective for her. After a quick recovery she knew that she didn't want to wait to chase her dream of being an entrepreneur.

She started her business, the double jay collective, as a way to showcase her collection of medias (poetry, videography, and photography). It quickly grew and by the time she was in her 3rd year of University she was more busy with her business than school work so she scaled down academics to pursue her business.

You go to University to

get the credentials,

to get the job,

to work.

Jenny speaks of how it important it was to start at such a young age, to struggle, to make the mistakes, and to reach out for help to really appreciate the business thriving!

Tell your story

there was a disconnect in marketing and branding

Brand -----> Human telling the stories

Jenny helps tell the stories to connect to real humans in a way that is

ethical, inclusive, and honor the boundaries you have established.

What mediums work for you?

What platforms work for you?

What are your goals for your business?

What stories will work best for you?

Whose stories can you include?

What stories in your life have made an impact?

Those are the stories you should share.

Find Jenny on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/justaskjenny/


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