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JHP Episode 9: DITCH PERFECTION: Improve Your Marriage AND Life with Ashleigh Renard

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Ashleigh Renard was raised in figure skating and took the quest for perfectionism into marriage and motherhood. Through her candid presence on social media she has invited her audience to walk alongside her as she transformed from Martyrmom to Selfish Mom (and realized that it certainly was her self-sacrifice that was keeping her family miserable), building a committed mass-following who tune in daily for her fresh, no-fuss advice on everything from keeping monogamy hot, to renegotiating a marriage, to getting kids to clean the house (because nothing makes her prouder than child labor). With savvy and plenty of humor, her down-to-earth voice tackles topics that are relatable to anyone struggling with the awkwardness of living in a meat suit at Earth School. She resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with her husband, their three children, a cat, and a dog. As a child she thought Pennsylvania the most unfortunately named state, too similar to Transylvania. To her delight, it has ample sunlight and a remarkably low population of vampires.

" Make it look effortless and beautiful"



Ashleigh grew up in the figure skating community where perfection was a must, and this carried over into so many other areas of her life. She learned really early to put pressure on herself. To always reach more and do better.


-identifying perfectionism in your children can help stop it

-apologize for the mistakes you make instead of trying to be perfect

-took on EVERYTHING; homeschooling, sports, etc because of self comparison... gotta be the best right? Watch Ashleighs video series on IG & Tiktok

Ashleigh said " but I'm feeling worse and worse and worse."


- tag team parents, everything looked great, and even

had sex regularly! But lacked communication and support

-affection for each other was dwindling away

- went to a sex club and met a man that gave SO much attention which opened her eyes

Self Improvement:

- started therapy and identified the problems

- started meditation

- started forming relationship with friends and family

One day I realized that maybe it would be

better for my children to get separated.

Husbands response was remarkable. He did a 180.

but you cant fake this part, you cant use it as an ultimatum

To change they had the HARD conversations that we knew, but never said out loud

If your partner isn't on board, focus on your self. Make yourself strong enough that you will be okay regardless of what happens in your relationship & listen to your gut

Ashleighs book details her whole story from swinger clubs, to motherhood,

to being on the brink of divorce and rehabbing it- Preorder now!

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Always, Jess


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