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The Secret to Getting it ALL Done

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Jessica, how do you get it all done? How do you keep a clean home, keep the kids active, workout, eat healthy, and still have time for yourself?

Is it because you work less? Maybe.

Is it because you're not a parent? Maybe.

Is it because you have a lot of motivation? Maybe.

But the real answer, the simple answer is HABITS.


If you're new to my corner of the internet, note that I will talk about habits frequently. They are the reason I do what I do and no matter how much passion, love, energy or desire I have to do something. It won't get done without implementing habits.

Have you ever had an immense amount of time & still did nothing? Time, motivation, being 'kid free' is definitely not the answer to productivity.

If you are searching for a secret solution to success; "an all in one tip" that will have you reaching all of your goals.. then keep looking. (& if you find it, please share!). But what I have come to learn and implement into my own life.. is habits.


Getting Started with Habits

1. Before you get all excited about creating a habit tracker and adding in every habit you wish you had.. wait. The first step for creating habits is to reflect on yourself and your goals and decide what you want in life. You can print my life goal and value chart to help organize your thoughts, and watch an entire youtube video that explains how my husband and I sat down to fill this out.

Long story, short: taking the time to write down your goals makes them REAL. It sets up your path to success and gives you a visual for what you are working towards.

Click here to print my habit trackers

Click here to watch my youtube video

2. Create a list of habits. This is the part that you can get super excited with and carried away. You can write down EVERY SINGLE THING that you hope to one day do; workout daily, eat healthy, save money, stretch, read, meditate, walk, run, free time, writing time, picking up a new hobby, nighttime routine, morning routine, etc. The list can literally go ON AND ON. This is the time to write it all down, because its the place that you will slowly pull from.

3. Now go ahead and pick ONE habit. You can write this down on an organizer like I do, you can write it on sticky note and put it on your bathroom mirror, or you can post it on social media and share your goals with your friends. Any way you do it, this is that habit you are going to focus on.

Note: make sure this habit is small and broken down. In my video, my husband and I talk about how important it is to make sure you are not taking on too much at once because you are depending on motivation (which will only take you so far). Example; nighttime routine should be broken down into smaller tasks that you can build upon. For me, I broke it down into a designated bedtime and when that became easy I added in 30 minutes of time device free, then added in stretching, etc.


So whats my secret to getting it all done? You've got it: HABITS.

I have slowly build in habits like my nighttime routine, my daily digital routine, my daily cleaning tasks, my monthly cleaning tasks, watering my plants, working out, eating healthy, grocery shopping/meal prepping, social media upkeep, my to do list, and so much more.

You can create ANY habit you want. The key is breaking it down into small enough goals, and being PATIENT with the process. Anything worth doing takes time.

Always, Jess


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