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Top 30 Places to Declutter Your Home, Non- Toxic Spring Cleaning Challenge!

Updated: Aug 14


Spring Cleaning can be overwhelming, exhausting,

and straight-up no fun. But I'm about to

change that with these cleaning tips!

This 30-day challenge is going to be great for those of us who need some good motivation and accountability from others, It's going to help us tackle spaces in our home that we just simply neglect, and it's going to help us check off lots of cleaning tasks that tend to be overlooked.

Here are the details;

-This isn't your ENTIRE cleaning schedule, which means you still need to do your normal cleaning routine and then this 15 minutes ON TOP! This is your additional cleaning challenge.

-We will spend 15 minutes working on a space each day. If you have A LOT of clutter, then maybe the entire 15 minutes will be going through it. If it's already decluttered, then you will spend the time dusting and wiping down shelves. Just because it's 15 minutes doesn't mean we just let the timer run out.. we want to keep moving as quickly as possible to declutter your home for healthy living!

Cleaning Supplies Needed; (I will be using all non-toxic cleaning products)

Click the links to buy straight from my Amazon storefront or favorite website!

Vacuum or Broom

Cleaning Towel

Multipurpose Spray *I use Branch Basics, code JESSICAHAIZMAN for 10% off

Laundry Detergent *I use Thieves from Young Living

Distilled White Vinegar

Soap Concentrate

Oven Cleaner (or baking soda and vinegar) - Be mindful of stainless steel


Hydrogen peroxide for washing machine if you have mold

Feel free to order bins & organizers along the way if you find the need!

Baking Soda

Spare Spray Bottle

So what do I do to get a clean house?

Simple, follow the calendar and set a timer for 15 minutes every day! If you feel eager to continue, don't let the buzzer stop you, but if 15 minutes is all you can handle, then call it quits! You will be shocked at how much you can clean in 15 minutes if you get really focused.

Spring Cleaning Checklist / Decluttering Tips:

Coat Closet- Take everything out, give it a good vacuum, and wipe it down.

Go through everything in there! Is there a better place for some of your shoes? Out of season coats? Are there items you want to sell or donate?

Make piles for each, and then put anything that passes the test back in the closet intentionally! This means zipping up jackets, matching gloves, and making sure everything has a home.

Under Living Room Furniture- Yep! Grab a buddy and move your furniture to vacuum and wash the floors. They get gross and it is important to remove dust! It is helpful to use warm water, but not hot.

Drawers/Tables- Let's take the time to give them a good wipe down, put things away where they are supposed to be, and maybe even add some organizers!

Up High: Places like the tops of doors, picture frames, vents, light switches, ceiling fans, and door handles get missed frequently, so take some time to dust and give a good wipe down.

Wash Throws and Pillows: Toss them in the washing machine if machine washable! If not, sprinkle it with baking soda and let that sit for a few hours before vacuuming it off and spritzing it with distilled white vinegar.

Windows: Blinds, windows, and window sills. Grab your glass cleaner and a multipurpose spray and get to work! If you have a big house, break it down into rooms and have someone help! Check your multipurpose spray to make sure it is not a toxic product (look carefully at the product label).

Kitchen Baseboards: Yep, grab some non-toxic dish soap and a good quality sponge and get to scrubbing. All it takes is 15 minutes.

Kitchen Cabinets: The goal is a good wipe down of the outside, but I found that was super quick and opted to do a bit of tidying inside the cabinets too. Utilizing the entire 15 minutes for the win!

Tidy Pantry: Take everything out, toss anything expired, decant what I can into my air-tight reusable storage containers, label anything necessary, give it a good wipe down, and put it back organized!

Under Kitchen Sink: My kitchen sink is already organized, so this was just giving it a good deep clean. However, if you have some extra time.. find some inspiration and purchase some organizers to really transform your space.

Deep Clean Fridge: I give my fridge a good wipe down each week before I go grocery shopping, plus the containers inside of it make for easy clean up. But for this deep clean, I took EVERY SINGLE THING out and wiped down the entire fridge, as well as the food and containers themselves.

Milk container? Yep, wiped it down. I washed all my bins and then restocked the fridge!

Stove Top/behind oven: My secret to cleaning odd spaces like this.. is to use your vacuum attachments! For crumbs on the top of the stove and behind the oven, I vacuum them up using my shark ion and then I use a multipurpose spray to the entire thing down from top to bottom (including the sides that were seriously gross!)

Inside of Oven: This can be a HUGE ordeal.. but my favorite hack is some steel wool and a scrub brush drill attachment. The two combined make effortless cleaning for the inside of your oven.

Dishwasher: Wipe it all down.... clean out the dishwasher filter, and then run it on a hot cycle with a glass full of distilled white vinegar inside sitting on the top shelf.

Garbage Cans: Yes, garbage bags are meant to catch the garbage, but the edges and bottom still get dirty. Ideally, I love to take them outside and rinse them out with the hose but during the bad weather, I simply use a multipurpose spray and a microfiber cloth.

Office Bookshelf: Dust, but the kind of dust where you actually move things and wipe everything down.

Monica closet/place of clutter: Monica closet, you know? Friends? Everyone seems perfectly organized but there can often be a place of total disaster hidden to those visiting the home. Mine is filled with products from brands that I have yet to put to use.

I'm new to this influencing thing, so I need to come up with a better system for those types of things!

Laundry room: If you're like me, then a lot more than just clothes get piled up in the laundry room. Take time to organize it all and clean anything you can.

Washer/Dryer: If this is your first time tackling the washer and dryer, it might take you a bit longer than 15 minutes, but for me, it's just a re-clean! Make sure you clean all the nooks and crannies inside both appliances to keep them working optimally!

Behind washer and dryer: Ew... I can't be alone. The amount of dust and weird things that end up back there. Every so often, I have to bite the bullet, pull out the appliances, and give it a good vacuum.

Laundry Strip Bedding: If you haven't heard about laundry stripping, you NEED TO TRY IT! You can take perfectly clean clothes and see some serious dirt come out of it. In the bathtub (or top-loading washing machine), toss in your sheets.

Add in HOT water, 1/4 cup borax, 1/4 cup washing soda, and 1/4 cup non-toxic laundry detergent. Let it sit for 6+ hours, and watch the water change colors!

Declutter Closet: Take time to get rid of those clothes collecting dust or the shoes that are just not comfortable. Keep only what makes you feel FABULOUS!

Office Supplies: I've found that a lot of misc things are ending up in my office, so for this task, I went through everything and found proper homes for it all!

Linen Closet: Our linen closet has collected a new set of towels and bedding and for some reason, I've been holding on to the old ones. So I decided to donate those to make more room in my linen closet. I also went through all my medicine and other personal care items that live inside the closet!

Paperwork: We have our paperwork under control, so 15 minutes was enough to quickly file the newly collected items and even take care of some work. But if you have a daunting pile, try spending the 15 minutes going through it and separating it into categories; garbage, save, to do.

Digital Clean: Photos, notes, good drive, desktop, folders, etc. Take time to rename items and put things where they belong for a clean Home Screen!

Clean Devices/Remotes: We touch them every day and they get quite disgusting. Spritz a little bit of vinegar onto a microfiber cloth, wipe it down to kill the germs, and use a screen cloth to polish it clean!

Makeup/Hair supplies: How much extra do you have here? Samples you plan to try one day or old products that you used to use but now just sit there. Go through everything and keep ONLY what you love. Anything you are planning to get rid of can go to family, friends, or a buy-nothing group on FB!

Shower Curtain/Shower Head: Lots of shower curtains are machine washable. Check out yours and give it a good clean! Or soak it in the tub to be safe. Soak the shower head in a large ziplock bag filled with dish detergent and distilled white vinegar to break down any build-up.

Under the Bathroom Sink/Medicine Cabinet: Again, with the random clutter buildup, take everything out and go through it! 15 minutes should be more than enough, and you can even take some time to give everything a good wipe down. Personal care products can be messy, so use this time to wipe up the leaks!

I hope you enjoy this challenge, its small enough to get through the hard days with some motivation but also big enough to make some serious progress in your home.

Always, Jess


L E T ' S B E F R I E N D S!

W E B S I T E | T I K T O K | I N S T A G R A M | Y O U T U B E

Hi Friends! I'm Jessica Haizman. I'm 28 years old and married to my best friend. We spend 98% of our time together, and no we don't spend it all cleaning and organizing. I have a daughter, Adalynn and an Australian Shepherd, Bali and they get the majority of my attention.

I have created efficient systems in all areas of our home, our phone, our careers, and our lives- and I have made it my mission to share these tips with anyone and everyone that will listen.

Why? Because these systems make my life SO MUCH EASIER and SAVE ME SO MUCH TIME. These systems keep my home clean, bring joy and calmness into my life, and allow me to spend less time picking up clutter and more time living life- I want that for you too.

The goal is to help, whether its a quick tip or life hack that I share to Tiktok or a day in the life on my social networks @jessicahaizman, a printable chart that helps me stay organized or my all-time favorite apps, an intensive course answering all the FAQ's or working 1:1 with clients to create healthy habits- these resources are all available to you!

Some things you will stumble upon are how I use non-toxic natural cleaners, have made the change to no-waste by switching to reusable towels instead of paper or glass storage containers instead of ziplocks. You will also find lots of DIY recipes and how to use common household ingredients like baking soda, white vinegar and hot water to tackle some of your toughest messes. You'll learn about my favorite cleaning supplies and cleaning products including all purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, stain removers and more.

Having a clean home drastically affects your physical and mental health, so jump on board and learn all the tips I have to share! Take the time to explore my website and interact with me on social media. I'm so excited to see how organization and a new approach on cleaning the home will change your life and leave you full of joy!

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