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Unique Wedding Website for Online RSVPS

Updated: Aug 16

While I am well aware there are apps and other SUPER easy ways to create a wedding website- I chose the more complicated route of creating my own so that it was super customizable.

As you can see, I went above and beyond and didn't just use my site as a place to house my registries. BECAUSE we chose to do online RSVPs, I knew that every single one of my guests was going to HAVE TO come to my website. So I wanted it to be easily accessible and beautiful at the same time. It took me about an hour to throw it together and I'm going to walk you through just how I did it.

** First off, I picked a website host- I had experience using WIX, so that is what I chose. Most sites will offer you 'easy to use templates' to help you get started (these templates are MUCH more customizable than using a direct wedding app). I also chose WIX as my host for this blog as well- which shows you just how much I love it. (I'm pretty sure it's free, too, for the basic membership??)

** I then chose a URL- I cannot stress enough that this is so much better when it's simple! Ours was (which does not work anymore because we only paid for the domain for 1 year (it expired the day after our wedding!!). But it was super easy to remember and type in.

However, www.wixsite.jessicakonecny/2019jessieandalexhaizmanwedding isn't as easy... You get my point, right?

**I then chose my 'categories' and decided what I wanted to include on my website. I chose a total of 7- which is a bit much but I got excited. These 'categories' are each an individual page on my website.

Wedding: This is my home page (meaning when you type in my URL- this pops up first). Because it's the FIRST thing people see- I included the most important information (DETAILS). I included the date, address, and location of the event. I also included important notes that I wanted everyone to know (i.e., dress appropriately for the weather, no heels because we are in grass and no children). I also included details on transportation and accommodations and direct links so they could book straight from my site.

Lower on that page, I included details on my bridal party and a parking map. Understand anytime the viewer has to scroll for information- it's possible to be missed. (They could be unaware there is more information on that page, OR maybe they scrolled right past an important detail). Because of this, DO NOT put super-important information at the bottom of the page. Hence I included some 'EXTRA' nonpertinent information here

The bridal party info was merely to inform my guests who were standing up and what their relation was to us- to ease curiosity. While the map was just some added information for those that needed further explanation. (I also had a button that linked to this parking map that was included smack dab in the center of the details at the TOP of the page).

Registry: This housed links to our 4 different registries- clearly labeled. (Nothing else on this page because we don't want confusion!)

RSVP: This housed my RSVP ONLY. Make sure your RSVP box includes some type of required contact info (email or phone number), and then request all the information that you need. We asked for email, dietary restriction, and full names of ALL the guests attending) But you may need them to choose a meal.

Also, make sure that the RSVP box is easy to read and easy to navigate. Go for functionality rather than pretty. (and have a few people try it out.. friends, older relatives, younger relatives) Make sure that it's user-friendly so you don't have a whole bunch of people 'thinking' they RSVPed but didn't.

Our Story: 100% totally unnecessary, but hey, it's entertainment! We included how we met, how we fell in love, and how he proposed!

Proposal: My wonderful husband hired a photographer to capture the surprise moment- so we included all these drop-dead gorgeous photos (by bpagephotography) on our website so everyone could see. Lots of people asked for access and were so happy that they could view them all!

Engagement: *See above explanation**

Gallery: I am a photo fanatic! So we have LOTS of pictures throughout our years together- I included a page full of our favorites throughout our relationship. Again, not at ALL a priority, but why not? I had a site that I knew 100+ people were going to have to visit, so I made it as fun as I could.

This is the process in which I created my wedding website- with walk-throughs on why I included what I included and why I set it up the way I did. However, If you'd like to ACTUALLY see the process of creating the website with a step-by-step WIX tutorial (meaning I'll show how to add pages, create an RSVP box, add photos/text boxes, etc.), watch the video below!

Full-length detailed step-by-step wedding website creation:

Always, Jess


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