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Vacationing with a Baby Part 2 (8 month old)

Updated: Aug 14

We traveled before with Addy when she was 4 months old, but this time she was a little older and we stayed on vacation for longer. There were some things that I did the same but here are a few things that were helpful this time around!

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-This time around, I brought my mybrestfriend pillow on the plane with me instead of the boppy. Unlike the boppy, this pillow clasps around your waist and is extra supportive. It also has a pocket on the side to store small items like a snack, extra pacifiers or teethers, chapstick, or earbuds. I used it to support Addy while she slept, nursed, and even played throughout the flight.

I brought this as my “personal item” on the flight and just kept it around my waist on the flight or clipped to the diaper bag while walking through the airport.

-With Addy being older, she played more and slept a little less. We used a silicone toy strap to attach Addy’s toys to the back of the seat in front of me. This was great to keep her toys from dropping on the floor and constantly having to pick them back up.

-We had diapers in her diaper bag with us on the flight and then packed a few packs in her car seat bag, which we checked in when we arrived at the airport. Having extra diapers delivered to us as we needed them rather than trying to bring enough to last the entire trip saved space. Plus, there’s no headache of trying to guess exactly how many you’ll actually use and fear running out.

-This time, we decided to gate-check the car seat. On our previous flight, we checked our luggage, so as soon as we got to the airport, we also checked our car seat *When checking with luggage, you will retrieve your car seat at baggage claim after the flight. This was nice because we didn't have to lug it through the airport.

But this trip, we only had carryons and wanted to make sure we didn't have to wait at baggage claim and instead carried the car seat with us to the gate. When boarding the plane, you leave it right outside the door, and then it's sitting there for you after the flight *this means we could leave the airport right away instead of waiting at baggage claim!

Either method you choose, this is the car seat bag that I use and recommend. It's nice because you can use it as a backpack OR roll it like a suitcase.

-Make sure to have something to do while baby is sleeping! I had some shows downloaded on my phone and my earbuds to pass the time as I held Addy while she napped.

- No matter how much you try to plan, flying can be so unpredictable, with layovers, delays, and even canceled flights which can get stressful very quickly. Not to mention a fussy baby who just won’t go to sleep.

It’s important to remember that babies can pick up on how we’re feeling- sharing our stress OR our calm. Try your best to go with the flow and be the calm regardless of what’s going on. Trust me, it’ll make such a difference!


We tried to bring everything that we normally use at home with us to make Addy’s atmosphere as comfortable as possible.

-Baby monitor:

I almost didn’t bring this but I’m so glad that I did! We were able to hang out with friends and have fun without worrying about Addy because I could see and hear her on our monitor. I could even go outside and have a cup of coffee by the lake while keeping an eye on her in case she woke up from naps which was so helpful!

-Travel crib:

We weren’t staying in a hotel this time, so I got Addy’s grandmother to bring a travel crib so that we didn’t have to fly with it. We also stayed in the basement, so we didn’t have to worry about the sunlight waking her up/keeping her awake. Make sure to plan ahead like this or find products you can bring with you. This is my favorite travel crib because you can set it up in under a minute, and it's only 14 lbs (WHICH IS CRAZY LIGHT!) You can also look into different products to make sure the room is dark, like these black out curtains, a slumber pod, or even securing black garbage bags to the windows!

- Sound machine

The sound machine was a must in a house of 20 people. It helped keep her environment perfect for sleeping. This sound machine is my favorite because it's tiny, rechargeable, and can be used while plugged in (so you don't have to worry about the battery dying halfway through the night).

Even after all we did and brought with us, Addy still struggled with sleeping as well as she did at home. And that’s okay! It was definitely difficult at the moment but I tried to remember how much her little world had changed while traveling (she was teething, learning to crawl, in a new environment, etc.) Try to go with the flow, and remember that you’re making precious memories by bringing your babies on vacations!

Click here for my blog post about traveling with a 4-month-old for more tips and tricks-including a packing list!




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