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Welcome to Hanging with the Haizmans!

An organized, introverted, schedule-following, type-A' neat freak marries an outgoing, energized, hobby-loving man with ADHD.  We see the world through two different lenses but still make it work (or even thrive)- join us each week and listen to our honest conversations as we share life experiences, parenting lessons, stories, and a HUGE variety of topics recommended by listeners like you!

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Hi Friends! I'm Jess. I'm 27 years old and am constantly surprised by the amount I learn every single day.. so I've opened up these conversations so you can learn too! I'm fascinated by topics like living a simple life, cleaning and organizing hacks, marriage and relationships, health and fitness, productivity, hormones and pregnancy, finance and so much more- so find your fav topic and join me for some educational fun! 

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