How to Use Reminders to Organize Your Life

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Reminders don't just have to be the random things you ask Alexa to add- it can actually be well thought out lists that keep your life and thoughts organized. I use my reminders app for everything; to do list, grocery list, cleaning checklist, and so much more! In this post I'll show you just exactly how to use it and make it completely custom to yourself and your needs.

This is what mine looks like. To create a list you simply click "add list" and then can choose the name you would like, the color, and the icon!

I named my lists first, put them in order based on what I would use the most, and then color coded it like the rainbow- because who doesn't love a good colorful rainbow!

My lists are separated by life categories, just like my google calendar is. My "To Do List" is for general to dos, I usually fill it out daily and check those off, I also have my long term to do list in there for things that i'm continually working on (BIG projects). I then have a list for my husband- which is shared with him- a grocery list, cleaning list, blog list, book list, meal list, and business lists.

I change these as needed and add more if I find myself needing to. I'm never limited because the app is so customizable and I can make everything meet my needs.

Here you can see a deeper dive into my lists. Obviously, make them work for you. Start by simply having lists and then experiment with the drop down menus, moving around items, and scheduling them!

Here are the quick tips and how to's for google reminders that will make the app way more than a piece of paper.

-Click and hold an item to move it up or down

-Swipe and item to the right to "indent" which will add that in a drop down to the above item

-Swipe a dropdown item right to "outdent" and remove that item from a dropdown menu

-Click more (3 dots in the upper right hand corner) to add people to the list. If you want to share your grocery list with your spouse or nanny- you can!

-You can decide to show completed tasks OR hide them (I like them to be hidden as they disappear after completion- which feels fabulous!).

-Click an item and then click the info button ( i ) to add notes, links, and reminders for that task. You can set it to remind you on a specific day, or when you arrive at a specific location, or even when you messaging a specific person!

So how do you get started?

Create a to do list, grocery list, and cleaning list for starters. Then whenever you find yourself needing to jot an idea down that doesn't fit your current category you can make a new list for it! For example, I started adding A LOT of books to my to do list just so I could remember the names- so now I have a whole list designated for that.

Use time during your week to run through your lists and make sure they are tidy and organized, I designate one of my cleaning days (Thursdays) to go through ALL of my digital life- which is how I stay on top of my to do lists, email, photos, notes, google drive, bank account, and calendar.

*If you prefer to see a video tutorial click here!*

Always, Jess


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