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IKEA Gallery Wall Goals

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I am not the only person that is seeing gallery walls take over social media- I mean theres even a company out there that prints your instagram photos directly on to stick on frames to make your dream gallery wall come true...

but how can you make your gallery wall dreams come true without spending a fortune? (Or wanting to pull out your hair?)

A: IKEA! (Ribba Frame!)

Alexander and I ventured to IKEA to find a desk which we ended up leaving without- but I was able to find 10 Frames for around $100. That is CHEAP! Even my long time love Amazon doesn't have them for that cheap.

I bought a variety of different sizes that I thought might work well together... I looked like a lunatic in the store but HEY, you do what you have to do right? (did I mention it was also halloween and I was dressed up like a cat?)

Pros & Cons of IKEA Frames...

+ Cheap

+ Modern look

+ Easy/Matching variety

+ has paper inside you can use for hanging (See Below)

- No glass

- Tabs on back are the metal ones that will break over time after frequent bending (so be gentle when changing photographs)

On top of the super cheap frames, I opted to order my photos from Shutterfly using discount codes they send to my email. While there are websites/companies out there that can print WAY better quality and give you stunning images- it just wasn't in our budget at the moment.. so cheap was they way we went!

After discounts I only paid $30 for all my prints. Those coupons codes are there for a REASON!!!

And once I had the photos and the frames I got to work!

Top Tips for an easy process:

*Try laying out the frames in a wide assortment to make sure you are arranging them in a way you like

*Tac the paper from the frames to the wall so you can see which layout you want and make adjustments before making it permanent. (You can also measure to see how much space you want between the frames, and to make sure they are evenly spaced).

*Nail through the paper right into the wall, and then simply rip the paper off and hang up the frames.

** The quality of the images is A LOT better in person,

a picture of pictures can only be so good!***

This project took me about an hour because I was being extra cautious of each step I made.. but believe me when I say- I am not handy... and If I can do it, you can do it!

Always, Jess


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