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4 Household Swaps to Avoid Toxins Around Your Baby!

I am very passionate about creating a healthy environment for my family, but especially for my kids. That includes using clean, non-toxic products on our skin but also in our home.

All links in the blog post are affiliate links, which means I make a percentage off your purchase at no additional cost to you.

Here are some easy swaps you can make to benefit the whole family!

I recommend creating a wish list of items you want to add to your home. As you run out of products, you can replace them with cleaner options. For example, when your laundry detergent is all gone, that's the best time to make the switch to the cleaner option (that you already have picked out!).


There's no question that babies can produce some pretty foul-smelling odors *enter hundreds of poopy diapers*. Add that to all of the usual odors in your home that you may want to hide, and you might have a problem. Instead of using room sprays like Febreeze, wall plug-ins, or lighting a bunch of candles that add harsh chemicals into the air, try investing in an air purifier to truly clean the air you breathe from odors and air particles like dust and pet dander. Another great option is Azuna Air Pods. Use code JESSICA20 to save 20% on your entire order!

Another great way to bring clean scents into your home is essential oils. Not only do essential oils smell great, they have so many other benefits like purifying the air, providing immune support, stress relief, and so much more! In my home, I use Young Living essential oils since the quality and purity of the oils are proven by rigorous testing. If you're looking to get started, there is a great starter bundle that includes a diffuser, oils, and more (like my FAVORITE Ningxia red drink and thieves cleaner).

When it comes to products you will be using on baby, check for artificial fragrances, and always opt for fragrance-free or naturally scented essential oils!


Did you know that most laundry detergents that are specifically marketed towards being clean and gentle for your baby like Dreft, are actually still FILLED of toxic chemicals?!

DETERGENT: Whatever detergent you wash your baby's clothes in will come in direct contact with the largest organ on their body- their skin (which is the same case for adults). Some good brands to look into are Young Living's Thieves, Branch Basics, Mollys Suds, Whole Foods Organic, Clean Cult, and Attitude. You'll notice that these aren't marketed towards babies- but they are made with quality ingredients so you can feel confident using them on your whole family (even your fur babies!)

FABRIC SOFTENER: Instead of using fabric softener that coats your clothes in build-up and is loaded with artificial fragrances, dyes, etc... Try using basic distilled vinegar from your local grocery store. Just add a cup to each load of laundry! Your clothes won't smell like vinegar, I promise!

DRYER SHEETS: Instead of dryer sheets, try using wool dryer balls and add a drop of essential oils to them. Just toss them into your dryer with your load of laundry!

STAIN REMOVER: The absolute best stain remover I've tried is Miss Mouth's Messy Eater Stain Treater. This stuff is non-toxic and works like magic. I've used it for food, poop, blood, you name it. It works!

Non-Toxic Guide

Everything I talk about in this blog and SO MUCH more is in my Non-toxic Guide! I created this after I went through my own period of swapping all the products in my home for the non-toxic option. Check it out - it will be incredibly helpful for you!


DISH SOAP: Again, you'll find lots of brands marketed for babies, and believe it or not, I wouldn't trust them to use even with myself. Instead, use a QUALITY brand like Young Living's Thieves, Dr. Bronner's, Branch Basics, Attitude, or Molly's Suds.

DISH DETERGENT PODS: I've tried several clean options (some are $$$$), and I promise you that the best bang for your buck is Puracy Dish Pods. They are made with quality ingredients and available for a reasonable price.

Pro tip- sign up for subscribe and save on Amazon to make sure you're always stocked up!

All Purpose Cleaner

You don't have to sacrifice quality for cleanliness anymore. While there are lots of cleaners out there that I love and will use in my home, there are TWO that are the best swaps you can make!

FORCE OF NATURE: This multipurpose cleaner can really do it all!

- EPA-Registered sanitizing & disinfecting (as strong as BLEACH but safe enough to use around babies)

- Kills 99.9% of viruses

-Save you up to 80% on every ounce vs. typical natural cleaners

- Allergen-Free

I use FON to wipe down Adalynn's highchair, disinfect her toys, clean every inch of my home, including the bathrooms, mop the floors, etc. It's truly worth every penny and is so versatile.

Pro Tip: I use it IN my Tineco Floor Cleaner and the combination is POWERFUL. I'm not only vacuuming my floor, washing my floor, but also disinfecting my floor at the SAME TIME!

- Plant-based and naturally derived ingredients

- Safe to use around children and pets

- Ultra-concentrated and non-abrasive

- Leaves no residue!!

- Infused with thieves essential oil (which smells SO GOOD!)

Switching to cleaner products can really be daunting but I found that when you separate things into categories it makes it a bit easier. Plus, if you invest in a few great products that do more, then you can stop overbuying and falling into the marketing scheme of powerful (and crappy) companies. These swaps have been some of the BEST I've made in my home, and I hope they are great for you, too!



L E T ' S B E F R I E N D S!


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