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Maintain Healthy Hydration During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Throughout both of my pregnancies, I was extremely nauseous. So much so that I even struggled to drink water... It's safe to say, I was dehydrated. I desperately needed to find a way to stay hydrated. Not only for my health but for my baby's as well.

Drinking more water wasn't going to be the cure I needed because healthy hydration doesn't come from drinking more water. It comes from water AND electrolytes.

Luckily, I realized that I could stomach flavored water (specifically citrus flavors).

That's when I turned to LMNT!

LMNT is an electrolyte drink mix that gives your body healthy amounts of electrolytes and nutrients without all the extra junk!

What are Electrolytes?

Electrolytes are minerals that maintain fluid balance, support blood flow, regulate blood pressure, build bone, and balance a wide range of hormones.

Electrolytes are crucial for your body's ability to conduct nerve impulses, contract muscles, regulate pH levels, and of course, stay hydrated. You need electrolytes to keep your body healthy and functioning properly!

And guess what?! Babies need electrolytes too! Whether that's transferred through the placenta during pregnancy or through breastmilk.

Electrolytes when Pregnant, Postpartum, & Breastfeeding

During Pregnancy

While pregnant, our hardworking bodies lose more electrolytes than it typically would. Partly because you're body is giving more to your baby and also because you are peeing a lot more frequently!

Not to mention, if you're as sick as I was, you may be losing electrolytes from vomiting.

Healthy hydration is extremely important for a healthy pregnancy. It supports both your and your baby's health and also ensures that your body can handle any blood loss during birth.

Postpartum Recovery

It's probably not news to you that your body copes with a pretty intense recovery after pregnancy, labor, and birth. A balanced diet and hydration are essential for the healing process.

Adding electrolytes assists in muscle and tissue repair, reduces swelling, balances hormones, and even supports organ function.

*Big bonus* It naturally boosts your energy during those foggy newborn days!

While Breastfeeding

One of the main ways you have to support your body before and throughout your breastfeeding journey is by staying hydrated.

If you're trying to breastfeed and you're dehydrated, your body may struggle to produce the right amount of milk. This can decrease your milk supply and affect your baby's hydration and nutrient intake.

Not only will dehydration impact your milk supply, but it can make you feel tired, irritable, and weak which makes you less able to cope with the demands of breastfeeding.


There are a few reasons I chose (and recommend) LMNT over other electrolyte drinks and mixes.

  1. It has the proper amounts of sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

  2. It is vegan, gluten-free, and contains ZERO added sugar.

  3. There are a variety of delicious flavors including Citrus Salt, Raspberry Salt, Mango Chili, and my personal favorite, Watermelon.

Being a new mom is hard enough without having to worry about producing enough milk or getting enough nutrients and minerals to your body and baby.

I have had my worries completely put to ease since adding LMNT to my daily routine. You can try LMNT yourself by clicking here! (When you use this link you will get a FREE trial pack with your order!) Plus if you message me LMNTCODE on Instagram, I'll send you an exclusive discount code for my followers.

Always consult your doctor about trying new products.




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