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What You REALLY Need for Baby's Bath

Updated: Mar 15

I make a percentage of money off the affiliate links provided in this post at no additional cost to you; thank you for your support.

You might be shocked to hear it, but you don't "need" anything for bath time. We don't use a baby bathtub, faucet cover, mat, soap, lotion, or hooded towels... Bath time for us means co-bathing. Simply filling up the tub and mom and baby climbing in and bathing together.

As Addy got bigger, we started putting just a couple of inches of water on the bottom of the tub and laying her down so she could kick around (and keeping a very close eye on her to ensure she didn't roll over).

And once she was confidently sitting on her own, she could solo in the tub! However, Mom and Dad still enjoy climbing in with her some nights.

I tell you this because every single registry checklist out there will have you believe you need a billion different devices/toys/products.. and while some might make your life easier, others are just clutter.

So what did we buy for baby's bath?

  1. Thermometer: to make sure that the temperature is safe for baby. I tend to take HOT baths and was worried I would always lean towards too hot or overcompensate and have it be too cold. A thermometer makes it easy because I can keep it right at 99 degrees Fahrenheit every time. We actually went through two crappy ones before finding this duck- and it lasted over 6 months and is hands down the best on Amazon.

  2. Washcloths: not 100...but just a few washcloths are great to have on hand so that you can get those hard-to-reach places (like baby's neck). We have these organic cotton washcloths that are free of harmful chemicals and safe for babies.

  3. Sponge/Comb: This one lasted us about 8 months before the sponge fell apart.. but the comb is one of my favorites, so still worth adding it to your baby bath kit!

  4. Wooden Brush Set: As she got older, we invested in this wooden brush set, and I absolutely love lathering up the soft bristle brush on the bar of soap and using it to brush through her hair. I then rinse the brush and use it to rinse out her hair! It soaks up the water and holds it well (or the soap) and makes it effortless to apply the product and wash her hair

  5. Toys: Bath time is Addy's favorite 30 minutes of the day! Her favorite toys can be found here; she loves the farm animal book, the water spray spout/cups, and the fish/net combo. My husband's favorite toy is the basketball hoop (and Addy is loving it more every day)

  6. Toy Storage: I love this caddy because we can hang it anywhere and move it. It also comes off the wall easily so that Addy can put her own toys away/take her own toys out! The mesh bag allows for the water to drip out and dry, so we don't have to worry about mold or buildup.

This is a bit of a minimalist approach, but my "registry checklist" includes the normal bath items that you will want to consider!

Bath Products to help dry skin:

As Adalynn got older, she developed a bit of eczema, so we spent a lot of time trying to figure out what would work best to keep her clean and not dry her skin out.

  1. Water Filter: We invested in a water filter because I was CONVINCED the water (and chlorine in it) was adding to her dry skin. As soon as we switched, we saw immediate improvements.

  2. Breast Milk: For all breastfeeding Moms- utilizing your breast milk in the bathtub is a wonderful option. A milk bath allows for your baby to lock in moisture, avoiding dryness - not only will it assist in helping or preventing irritated skin, but it will also allow your little one relaxation. You can use fresh breastmilk, frozen, and even expired!

  3. Oat Flour: An oatmeal bath is one of our favorite baths to help Addy with her eczema. An oatmeal bath is made by adding the recommended amount of oat flour directly into the tub of lukewarm water. We then let her soak, gaining moisture on her skin.

  4. Goat Milk Soap: We only just began using soap on Adalynn at 14M old when her eczema flared up. Before that, she was getting baths with just water (and sometimes breastmilk), and we cleaned her with a cotton washcloth. When we decided to use soap, we wanted one that was made with real ingredients and would help her dry skin (which goat's milk and oatmeal do!)

I hope this helps you while searching for safe, non-toxic products for your baby. Have fun splash-splashing in the bath!

Always, Jess

L E T ' S B E F R I E N D S!


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