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7 Spaces You Probably FORGET to Clean

Updated: Jan 12

There are some areas that we clean regularly like floors, countertops, and bathtubs. But what about all of the other places that you don't even think about getting dirty? Here are some commonly forgotten places that are way dirtier than you might think!

1. Small Appliances

This includes your toaster (have you ever looked inside and seen all of the crumbs just sitting there?), coffee machine, InstantPot, crockpot, blender, tea kettle, and any other appliances that are neglected most of the year.

You can easily do a Google search to find the manual associated with your specific appliance to ensure you clean it properly or head to my Instagram.

2. Filters

Air filters, vacuum filters, dishwasher filters, washing machine filters. All of these filter out dirt and gunk so it makes sense that we would need to clean them every once in a while too. Otherwise, you'll have some filters that won't be working as they should. Yuck!


3. Lights

Your lights sit up on the ceiling and we never really think to look at them unless it's time to change out a bulb but I guarantee you they are collecting lots of dust. You'll need to clean the lightbulb, chandeliers, and light fixtures. You'll also need to clean your light switches- think about how many times you turn a switch on and off which leads to a buildup of dirt and oils.

4. Doors

These are other areas that we use and touch every day but somehow never think to clean them. The tops of your doors can collect dust if you typically leave them open. Also, look at any decorative crevices your door may have which could use a good dusting occasionally.

Then you can look into disinfecting and cleaning highly touched areas like doorknobs and the edges of the door. Don't forget to clean behind your doors too! Out of sight, out of mind works a little too well sometimes.

5. Beds

Most people wash their sheets and duvets frequently (I hope!) but they forget about cleaning under the bed, the mattress, and even the headboard! Make sure to grab out everything that has fallen under your bed and give it a good sweep or vacuum. You may need to move your bed frame out of the way for this so grab some help!

For a wooden headboard, you can simply dust it down, but what about a fabric headboard? Grab your vacuum cleaner and attach the upholstery attachment to it.

6. Fans

Ceiling fans might be your first thought, but what about your handheld fans, baby stroller fans, or even a stand-alone fan in your home?

7. Phones

Other than giving your physical phone a good wipe down from time to time, when's the last time you cleaned up the contents of your phone? If you're ready to tackle this task- check out this blog post about decluttering and organizing your phone!

Always, Jess

L E T ' S B E F R I E N D S !

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