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Take Control of Your Home: The Complete Home Cleaning Schedule

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

"Where do I even start?"

If you have had this thought while looking around your house at the seemingly never-ending mess and clutter, I hear you.

I know it can feel so overwhelming trying to tackle the ongoing list of household chores.

Getting that burst of motivation to make a change only to become burnt out, discouraged, and give up.

I am here to assure you that maintaining a clean home doesn't have to be this stressful! Just setting a tidying timer for 10-15 minutes every day can make a noticeable difference in your home.

But, my biggest piece of advice for anyone who wants to take control of their home, and successfully implement habits that last long term, is to break household chores up into smaller, more manageable tasks.

Remember - you don't have to deep clean your house every single day! The goal is to maintain general cleanliness.

Having this goal in mind, and a passion for helping others create positive changes in their lives, I created a Household Cleaning Schedule.

My schedule guides you in breaking up large chores into daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annual, and annual tasks.

I understand that cleaning schedules are not a one-size-fits-all. Everyone's schedule will look different depending on your space and your lifestyle. Which is why my planner is completely customizable!

This way, YOU get to decide what takes priority in your home and schedule.

You can even change the color. :)

I recommend printing it out, laminating it, and using wet-erase markers so you can easily reuse it again and again.

If you're interested in taking control of your spending as well as your home, you might be interested in my Take Control of Your Home Bundle which has my Household Cleaning Schedule as well as a meal planner and organized grocery list!

Remember - the secret to maintaining a clean home is creating habits with consistency. And you are more likely to be consistent when you make tasks manageable.



P.S. If you are wanting some inspiration, want to see the cleaning schedule in action or more information- check out my highlights and follow along on Instagram!

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