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Maternity Leggings- Review of My FAVS!

Updated: Aug 10

I didn't want to spend an absurd amount of money, but I also LIVE in leggings. So I purchased a variety of leggings throughout my pregnancy and wanted to share my favorites- let it be known that I tried on LOTS of others and sent those right back.

My preference is leggings that go over the bump but without support. I felt like my stomach was being suffocated with super supportive leggings, so I opted for the stretchier ones!

Here are my TOP 5 Favorites

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5. CNORC Amazon Pregnancy Leggings


These leggings are super stretchy and comfortable, but I am ALWAYS pulling them up. Compared to other brands on Amazon, they fit much better, but definitely a thin material that won't last too long.

4. BLANQI Leggings

$65 plus shipping

These leggings are MUCH thicker and offer much more support. Because of how snug they are on my belly, I typically don't reach for these unless we are dressing up for an event (since they are so thick, they look much nicer!) If you like the added belly support, this would be a great brand to look into.

3. VOCNI Amazon Leggings


You can tell because of the super thin (not see-through) stretch material that they won’t last long, but I truly loved them. I found these to be my "comfy" pants that I would grab for a walk or a cozy night at home. The material feels like velvet!

2. Target Isabel Maternity Tights


Honestly didn't realize that these were "tights," but I wear them as leggings. These are an athletic(shiny) material which makes them a bit better quality than the Amazon options. They aren't see-through at all, and the thicker material helps them stay put, so I don't feel like I constantly have to pull them up. Despite the thick material, I don't feel added pressure on my belly, which I love!

1. Pink Blush Recycled Butter Leggings


HANDS DOWN FAVORITE. I actually just got these, and if I had known ahead of time, this would be the only brand I purchased (multiples) because it's so good. They are "buttery" soft, which makes you want to live in them- but they also are a strong quality fabric and stretch so well. They stay put so I'm not having to adjust constantly, and they offer just the right amount of support around the belly.

I hope this helps!

Always, Jess


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