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Everything In My Organized Diaper Bag

Updated: Mar 11

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(I receive affiliate payment on all products at no extra cost to you)

Our must-have items for our Itzy Ritzy Diaper Bag start on the outside with dirty diaper bags and a pacifier holder (filled with pacifiers). This makes it so easy to grab them quickly! (Plus the built-in changing mat is a total win).

When you open up the bag is when you get to the good stuff...

Here is a list of the absolute essentials I am sure to always have inside my diaper bag!

  • Moby Wrap Carrier - I always pack a wrap or baby carrier to keep baby close, or if baby needs to nap on the go and likes to contact nap. It's also convenient if your baby is feeling fussy and you want both hands free!

  • Extra clothes, socks, hats, and gloves because well, accidents happen!

  • Diapers and wipes (always pack more than you think you'll need!)

  • Diaper balm - I use Earth Mamas diaper balm because of its non-toxic, natural ingredients.

  • The BEST stain remover spray out there. Seriously, this stuff is magic (and non-toxic)!

  • Travel sound machine - Great for napping in the car, stroller, or in noisy places! (the Hatch company makes an even smaller travel sound machine).

  • Burp cloths - I recommend these 100% cotton muslin burp cloths as they are safe for baby and SUPER absorbent!

  • I also always make sure to pack sanitizing wipes for public changing stations.

  • Teethers and non-toxic teething drops - you never know when teething pains will strike!

If your baby is 6 months or older, I recommend packing some snacks like puffs, pouches, or smoothie melts!

I also love the Amara organic baby cereal blends which are great nutrient-packed meals for your baby when you're traveling or out and about!

I keep disposable nursing pads in the front pocket because you never know when leaking will occur, and it's so easy to forget to pack these!

Lastly, I keep my wallet, chapstick, and hair ties in the top pocket for myself!

If you are planning on traveling with your baby or toddler, click here and grab my Traveling with a Baby or Toddler Guide which is completely FREE to download! In this guide, you will find the best product recommendations, travel baby gear you should pack, tips, tricks, and more!

Looking for more?

Click the image below to get my New Mom bundle PDF which includes a diaper bag checklist- so you know exactly what you need! As kids grow, the contents of the diaper bag will change. So pay attention to what you use at home.. and make sure you have access to that on the go!

Always, Jess

L E T ' S B E F R I E N D S !


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