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Pregnancy Pain? My Go-To Relief

Updated: Aug 14

Here are the things that I did to relieve some of the immense amount of pain that pregnancy can bring.. if you have nausea and want the magic remedies for that, check out this blog post!

If you're just feeling all the pains that accompany pregnancy, here are ALL of the things that I did to make it through.

*Always check with your doctor, especially before trying something new.

*Some links are affiliate links

1. Water

Find a good LARGE water bottle and fill it up first thing in the morning. This will come in handy for breastfeeding and postpartum as well!

2. Chiropractor

A chiropractor who specializes in prenatal will keep your body feeling and working so well. I have been going twice a week since before I found out I was pregnant.. but I noticed HUGE differences in how I was feeling after an adjustment, especially towards the end of the pregnancy!

3. Exercise and Movement

Don't sit for too long, but also don't stand for too long. HA. I never fully understood this one, but I did try to make sure I got outside for a walk every day, even if it was just 10 minutes. It helped keep my blood flowing, increased my heart rate, and I got some vitamin D and fresh air!

4. Baths

I've always been a huge fan of bubble baths but there were days during my pregnancy that I took 2-3 baths because it felt so dang good. You can add some natural Epsom salt to relieve muscle aches, and the water relieves so much pressure in your neck, hips, back, and legs.

5. Elevate those feet!

This was the toughest thing for me to do; I hate sitting still! But I made sure to LITERALLY put my feet up multiple times spaced throughout the day. Sometimes that would mean my legs were up on the wall when I took a bath or elevated with pillows while I wrote blog posts on the couch!

6. Recovery

I could write a whole article about "recovery tools" and how much we love them. But here are some of the tools I used regularly throughout my pregnancy (with approval from my midwife).

Massage Gun- Like a deep tissue massage! We made sure to avoid any areas around the baby and use a lower setting but it was still worth taking out! Deep tissue massage for your calves and feet? Incredible.

Compression Sleeves- Varicose veins started popping up in my 3rd trimester so I started using these daily and they helped immensely. The compression pushes the blood out of my legs and allows new blood to flow in, plus it feels so good I could fall asleep in them. Definitely expensive, so I suggest checking to see if a chiropractor in your area has them to use! (or if your fitness fanatics like us, get some of your own).

Rebozo- You can use an old sheet or large towel too, and spend some time YouTubing "Rebozo pregnancy relief" for some awesome techniques.

Scraping/Cupping/Rolling out- two more things that just helped move the blood around in my body and really relieve some tension.

Heating Pad- I've always been a fan of the good old-fashioned heating pad, and it eased so much pain those last couple of weeks before baby made their arrival!

7. Body Care

Again, I was lucky enough to see my chiropractor 2x a week, and for a long time, that included massages as well. Eventually, I got to the point that even with the sweet setup, I couldn't sit still for 30 minutes. So I tapped in my husband and he would massage me at home for as long as I could stay in one position, and then I could relax before continuing.

Stretching and yoga are also so helpful! YouTube is again a great place to find some routines that will help relieve the pain specific to your body!

8. Support

I had a pretty "small" belly so I thought that a belly band wouldn't help much but it TOTALLY did. Especially when I was standing for longer periods of time or going on a walk. Click here for the one I used! Pregnancy SUPPORT Leggings will help relieve some pressure as well since it's basically a built-in band- I found these were just too tight on my belly and, although supportive, couldn't handle wearing them. You can also consider compression socks to help relieve those achy feet and legs!

9. Pillow

I literally traveled across the US and brought my pillow with me. I can't recommend it enough! It was the key to getting a full night's rest (I slept around 9 hours a night my entire pregnancy!) I slept on my left side with the pillow between my legs and between my feet! If you're waking up without your feet elevated, you can consider adding another pillow down there as well. Click here for the pregnancy pillow that I use!

10. Quality Sleep

A pillow isn't the only thing that will help you sleep. Congestion is a huge symptom, so along with your prenatal, make it a habit to stick on a breathe right strip, add a dab of peppermint essential oil, and start your humidifier for a better night's rest.

Above all, know the pain is worth it in the end! Take time to rest, listen to your body, and focus on the finish line because it's one heck of a prize!

Always, Jess


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