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How to Build a Baby Cart: 10 Essentials for Postpartum Ease

Updated: Mar 15

One of the best things I did to prepare for my first baby was to create a baby cart, so you can bet I set another one up for my second! It not only helps keep everything you need those first few days/weeks at your fingertips, but if you set it up correctly it's an easy way to keep things organized as well!

What is a Baby Cart?

A baby cart is a rolling storage unit, usually with two or three tiers, designed to hold and organize all the essentials you need for baby care. The mobility of the cart means you can easily move it from room to room, keeping your baby's necessities accessible wherever you are in the house. It's especially valuable in the postpartum period when efficiency and convenience are key to navigating life with a newborn.

All links in the blog post are affiliate links, which means I make a percentage off your purchase at no additional cost to you.

Why It's Important

Having a baby cart helps create a more relaxed and organized environment, reducing the stress of searching for items when you need them most. It supports the idea of "a place for everything and everything in its place," which can be incredibly reassuring during the hectic postpartum period. Additionally, it allows you to focus more on bonding with your baby and less on managing clutter or supplies.

In this blog post, I've included a list of 10 items you'll want on your postpartum cart. Want the full list? Check it out here!

10 Essentials for Your Baby Cart

For Baby:

  1. Diapers and Wipes: The most reached-for items should be stocked generously in your cart. Opt for a non-toxic, chlorine-free, sensitive skin-friendly version to keep your baby comfortable!

  2. Burp Cloths: For those inevitable spills and spit-ups, having a stack of burp cloths at hand will save your clothes and furniture. We LOVED our 100% organic cotton muslin burp cloths - super absorbent and super easy to wash! Check them out here - cute colors too!

  3. Change of Baby Clothes: With the usual spit-ups and diaper leaks, a fresh set of clothes can be a necessity at any moment. You'll want to have a few sets on hand to hopefully get you through the day!

  4. Baby Nail File: Baby's nails grow surprisingly fast and it can be SO nerve-wracking trying to cut their little nails. A nail file can give you a worry-free experience and is the safest way to keep them from cutting and scratching their delicate skin. Want to see the one we use? It was hands down one of my most used items in the first year!

Want ideas of what you should add to your baby registry? I've compiled an entire list of what you'll want to include! Grab your checklist here!

If you're looking to start purchasing items, check out my Baby Cart List on Amazon and grab what you need!

For Mom:

  1. Nipple Cream: Breastfeeding can be tough on your skin, so keep some soothing non-toxic nipple cream nearby to alleviate discomfort. Here's a great one!

  2. Haakaa: This silicone breast pump is a lifesaver for nursing moms, helping to catch any letdown from the opposite breast during feedings, ensuring not a drop of precious milk is wasted. I personally love both the Haakaa and the ladybugs!

  3. Water Cup: Staying hydrated is crucial, especially if you're breastfeeding. Keep a water cup with a straw nearby to remind yourself to drink regularly and easily! This one has been my FAVORITE lately.

  4. Hair Ties/Clips: Having hair ties on hand is essential for quickly pulling your hair back and out of the way during baby care, whether it be breastfeeding, diaper changes, or just trying to keep it out of their little hands (ouch)! Random Tip: Periodically check fingers, toes, and the diaper area for any hair that has wrapped its way around their tiny body.

  5. Snacks: Breastfeeding can increase your appetite, so having some healthy, easy-to-eat snacks within reach can be a lifesaver when you're caring for your newborn. These are some favorites in the Haizman household!

  6. Night Light: For those late-night feedings and diaper changes, a soft night light that turns on and off with a gentle touch will help you see without fully waking you or the baby.

Bonus Tips: Keep it Organized!

  1. Categorize Essentials: Group items by category (e.g., diapering, feeding, clothing) and assign each category to a specific tier or section of the cart. This helps you find what you need quickly.

  2. Use Bins and Baskets: Small bins and baskets can keep similar items together and prevent them from rolling around or getting lost. This is especially handy for smaller items like pacifiers, nipple creams, and baby nail files.

  3. Label Everything: Labels aren’t just for looks; they’re incredibly functional. Labeling bins, baskets, or even sections of the cart can help you and other caregivers keep everything in its right place.

  4. Rotate Regularly: Babies grow quickly and their needs change. Regularly assess what’s in your cart and rotate out items that are no longer needed or that need to be restocked.

  5. Keep It Accessible: Store frequently used items, like diapers, wipes, and burp cloths, at arm’s reach. Less frequently used items can go on lower tiers or towards the back.

  6. Limit Clutter: It’s easy for the cart to become a catch-all for every baby item. Try to limit what goes on the cart to true essentials. If you find you’re not using something regularly, find it a new home.

  7. Use Vertical Space: Clip-on organizers, hooks, or hanging caddies can add extra storage space for things like towels, clothes, or even toys.

  8. Maintain It Daily: Spend a few minutes at the end of each day restocking and tidying up the cart. This will make it easier to keep everything organized and ready for the next day.

Want more info on building the best baby cart? My Baby Cart Guide includes not only an entire checklist of the cart but also includes steps on how to build and set it up! It's also TOTALLY customizable!

If you're looking for even more information on ALL THE WAYS to prepare for Motherhood, check out my New Mom Bundle! This special collection includes invaluable resources for preparing your baby registry, creating a birth plan, packing your hospital bag, and more.

It's everything you need to feel prepared, supported, and confident as you welcome your new baby!


A well-stocked baby cart is more than just a storage solution; it's a strategy for smoother, more serene days and nights with your newborn. By having all your essentials organized and within reach, you can reduce stress and create a more positive postpartum experience. Remember, a primary goal during this time is to simplify your life so you can focus on what truly matters: bonding with your beautiful new baby. You've got this mama!



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