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All things Parenting; Books, Podcasts, and Social Accounts you'll want to check out!

Updated: Mar 4

Being a parent, especially a first-time parent, can be overwhelming. With each new phase, your child goes through; there are hundreds more questions that pop up about what to do as a parent. No matter what, you're not alone. Someone else has been in the same situation as you and lived to tell the story.

Here are some top parenting resources recommended by YOU to check out!

I wish I enjoyed reading parenting books a bit more (but I honestly don't). So, for any books that I skip over, I head over to chatGPT or Google to give me a summary of the main points of the book.



  1. The Freely Rooted Podcast: A show focused on holistic, intuitive parenting and living a mindful, connected life.

  2. The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast: A podcast covering various topics, including health, wellness, and parenting, from the perspectives of a husband and wife duo.

  3. Raising Adults: Future Focused Parenting: A podcast that explores proactive parenting strategies to raise responsible, self-sufficient adults.

  4. Meaning Full Living: A podcast discussing the challenges and joys of modern parenting, with a focus on creating a meaningful family life.

  5. Betches Mom: A humorous, relatable podcast that tackles the realities of motherhood and parenting.

  6. The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast: A show promoting the importance of outdoor play and nature-based parenting.

  7. The Joe Rogan Experience episode #1869 with Dr. Gabor Maté: A conversation exploring the impact of childhood experiences and trauma on adult health and well-being.

  8. The Parentologist Podcast: A podcast offering expert advice, tips, and strategies for a healthy, balanced approach to parenting.

  9. Sage Family: A show discussing natural parenting, minimalism, and family adventure.

  10. Kate and Kal Co.: A podcast about motherhood, business, and finding balance in the chaos of life.

  11. A Beautiful Mess Podcast: A lifestyle podcast covering a range of topics, including parenting, relationships, and creativity.

  12. Now That We're a Family: A podcast sharing relatable stories, practical tips, and encouragement for thriving in family life.

  13. Evolutionary Parenting Podcast: A show exploring the science of parenting and how it can be applied to modern family life.

  14. The Beyond Sleep Training Project: A podcast dedicated to gentle, responsive parenting approaches for sleep and other parenting challenges.

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*Many of the Instagram accounts and podcasts also have blogs if you prefer reading posts.

Also, head to my website and explore all my parenting resources, checklists, and guides. Specifically my New Mom Bundle which has 11 checklists to help you prepare for baby!

I hope some of these resources are beneficial to you on your parenting journey!

You've got this!

Always, Jess

L E T ' S B E F R I E N D S!


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