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Top Recommended Baby Hair Products

Updated: Mar 11

At some point in your parenting journey, you'll have to think about what to do with your baby's hair. Your baby may have been born with a head full of hair, or you might get to wait a little bit. Either way, here are some great hair products to check out when the time comes!

I make a percentage of money off the affiliate links provided in this post at no additional cost to you; thank you for your support.


Babies have such pure, sensitive skin, so it's very important to me to use clean, non-toxic products on Addy.

It may come as a shock, but we don't use any soap on Adalynn (and never have!) So we don't use shampoo/conditioners/ soaps/bubble baths... but obviously, not everyone wants to live my exact life. But I still have done the research and found companies that I support and trust to share with you!

-Shampoo/Conditioner: This is hands down one of the cleanest options you can get for your little one, shop here! We don't personally use soap for our little girl, but if we did.. this would be a top choice!

-Honest Company Conditioning Detangler: Babies with long hair are bound to get tangles. A good detangler spray is a must. Honest is also a clean brand that is hypoallergenic and free of common toxins.

-Spray Bottle: My favorite product of all is good old-fashioned 

water in a spray bottle. Works like a charm, especially when you're working with tiny little hairs! This spray bottle is my favorite because it has a long release and has lasted us SO long without malfunctioning (like some cheaper models do!)

-DermaFrida comb: We love this comb from Fridababy. A lot of babies can get cradle cap which is typically painless but can look icky. This is designed to help get cradle cap off your baby's head. It has a sponge, brush, and comb all in one to help loosen and remove those annoying little scales (we still use the comb at 14M!)


This section is geared towards my girl mamas. If you're like me, you might be a little clueless when it comes to styling your little girl's hair. These products and accessories should help!

-Elastics: These are a must for your tiny little one's hair. It's truly the only thing that will stay and keep your little one's hair out of their face!

-Lemon Essential Oil- Did you know a tiny drop of oil will snap the elastic? It's so easy, safe, and pain-free! We use Young Living Essential Oils because they are the most effective and highest quality you can find! Shop with this link and gain access to all my deals, educational resources, and more!

-Pony Pick: I wish they had these when I was a little girl- it would have saved me so much pain! These little picks are designed to cut the small elastics when you're ready to take your hair down. No more ripping your hair out along with the elastic! It is also designed so that the blade is protected and won't cut you or your little one. *You do want to be sure you only cut away the elastic and not any added hair with it!

-Brush/Comb: As your little one gets older and you want to involve them in the self-care process.. this wooden set of brushes and combs is perfect and SO cute.

-Bows and clips: An easy way to dress up your little girl's outfit and hair is to throw a bow or cute clip in it. My favorites on Amazon can be found here, but if you want to support some small shops check my favorites out below!

-Wonder Nation- Cute hair clips are an easy way to style a little girl's hair and pull it out of their face.

-Little Ella Rae- They have a variety of different handmade bows and scrunchies that are cute! The good thing about bows on a headband is that even the most bald newborn can wear them!

I hope these products help you get started styling your little one's hair! You can find a highlight with all the hairstyles I've tried with Adalynn on my Instagram, and feel free to tag me in a photo

of your little one so I can see your

ideas and precious babies!

Always, Jess

L E T ' S B E F R I E N D S!


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