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Emergency Car Bag for Your Baby: Be Prepared On-the-Go

As parents, we know that unexpected situations can happen at any moment, especially when we're out and about with our little ones. That's why having an "emergency bag" for your baby in the car is a must-have!

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This bag is your go-to resource for those just-in-case moments, ensuring you're always prepared, no matter where you are. Let’s dive into what I've included in mine and what you should include in your baby's emergency car bag!

Do I really need an Emergency Bag?

Think of this bag as your peace-of-mind kit. Whether it's a surprise diaper disaster, an unexpected weather change, or a need for a quick snack, this bag has you covered. We know it's an awful feeling to be unprepared and wondering what to do in those situations! So, let's eliminate the feeling by being prepared!

What to Include in Your Baby's Emergency Bag

  1. Diapers and Wipes: Essential for any diaper-related emergencies. Keep a pack of wipes and at least five diapers. Pro tip: When you get down to a few wipes and one or two diapers left in the bag, set a reminder to refill both - don't wait until you completely run out!

  2. Change of Clothes: Accidents happen (especially poop-related ones!)! Include a complete change of clothes, with everything like socks, short-sleeve and long-sleeve onesies, and maybe even a sleeper! Pack the current size for your baby and the next size up so you're not left with clothes too small - as moms we know how quickly our babies grow. Pro tip: Pack YOURSELF a change of clothes too. If there's a poop or spit-up accident, there's a high likelihood it'll get on you too! Maybe make it a not-so-favorite outfit so it can stay in the car and not be missed.

  3. Blanket: Useful for sudden temperature drops, impromptu picnics, or as a clean surface for diaper changes. Grab one that you won't mind getting dirty!

  4. Snacks: Keep non-perishable snacks handy. Check out my Amazon list with a bunch of our favorite snacks!

  5. Formula or Breastmilk: If you're formula-feeding, include a pre-measured amount of formula (and make sure to replenish and replace as necessary). For breastfeeding and pumping moms, consider a small, portable cooler with an ice pack for stored breastmilk. Keeping a small hand pump in the car is also great for breastfeeding/pumping emergencies!

  6. First Aid Kit: Include baby-safe items and medicine like band-aids, saline solution, and a thermometer. Check out my medicine cabinet Amazon list and also my first aid kit list!

  7. Sunscreen and Hat: We don't typically use sunscreen on Addy, but we keep some in case we need to be out in the sun during the highest UV. This one is our favorite, non-toxic option. A hat is also essential for protection on sunny days!

  8. Pacifiers and Toys: A spare pacifier (or two!) and a couple of favorite toys can be lifesavers during unexpected delays.

  9. Disinfectant: For keeping your hands and surfaces clean no matter where you are. We use Force of Nature which is completely nontoxic and perfectly safe for anything your baby/toddler puts their hands or mouth on.

  10. A Small Towel or Burp Cloth: For spills, spit-ups, or any messy situation.

  11. Wet Bags: These are great for dirty diapers, soiled clothes, or trash.

  12. Emergency Contact Information: A card with important phone numbers and any medical information about your baby.

Storing Your Emergency Bag

Choose a medium-sized, durable bag that's easy to store in your car. A backpack or a tote with multiple compartments can be a good choice. I also LOVE these portable changing mats that have a handful of different storage compartments! Just be sure it's easily accessible and check periodically to replace or replenish items - especially those diapers, wipes, and clothes!

Final Thoughts

An emergency bag for your baby is a fairly simple yet effective way to be prepared for so many unexpected situations with your baby. There have been quite a few times that we've used our emergency bag and I was SO GLAD to have it. Whatever makes your outings with your baby smoother and less stressful, right? So, pack up your emergency bag and enjoy your time out with the little one, knowing you're ready for just about anything!



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