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How to Deep Clean Your Vacuum (Shark Ion)

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Do you deep clean your vacuum? ------------------>

Vacuuming is my all-time favorite form of cleaning. It calms me (even though it startles the dog), and I do it daily. I use our vacuum to clean all of our floors (rugs and hardwood) and to clean our couch, chairs, and everything and anything else. I even use it to DUST!

That being said, cleaning my vacuum is not my favorite (even though it’s so satisfying). I posted how I deep cleaned my vacuum, and a lot of you thought it was very helpful, so I’ve put the details here (save this post so you can refer back!). You can also find it in my cleaning highlight. This is specifically for the cordless Shark ION vacuum- check your owner's manual to be sure of cleaning methods!

Here are the steps broken down:

Step 1: Gather Supplies, vacuum, attachments, microfiber cloth, tweezers, scissors, all-purpose spray, and garbage can.

Step 2: Clean Canister

Empty the canister into the garbage, and spray all-purpose solution in a microfiber cloth to clean the inside and outside of the canister (use the backside of tweezers for hard-to-reach spots).

Step 3: Clean attachments

Make sure everything is clear of debris and wipe down with a cloth and spray

Step 4: Clean rollers

Remove the hardwood roller to wash, and use scissors to clean off the carpet roller. Use tweezers to get debris from small wheels on the side.

Step 5: Remove Filters

Wash filters and hardwood roller with HOT water and let air dry until completely dry (I dry for 2 days).


I do a deep clean about once a month since I vacuum frequently- but it depends on your vacuum use and home! (If you have animals, it will most likely be more often), If you rarely use your vacuum, then it will be much less often.

I fully believe taking the time to deep clean the vacuum ensures that it will operate properly and effectively and I don't have to deal with problems that develop into vacuums that are bombarded with hair, dust, and problems.

Always, Jess


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