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Nursery Dresser Organization: Drawer by Drawer

I learned so much being a Mom and nesting the first time around is so different than the second time around! I knew I wanted to be even more intentional when it came to organizing baby boy's dresser.

When organizing a baby dresser, it's super smart to plan for the future...' Our babies grow so fast, right? So, think about adjustable storage that can change just as quickly as they do. Use bins and dividers that can be moved around or taken out as their clothes get bigger. And labels are your best friend! They help keep everything in its place, even when you're switching out footie pajamas for two-piece sets. Plus, if you leave a little extra space, you won't be in a jam when it's time to add more clothes. It's all about making your life easier down the road!

All links in the blog post are affiliate links, which means I make a percentage off your purchase at no additional cost to you.

What's in each drawer:

  1. On Top: On top we like to keep our baby changing mat! We chose a 100% cotton option as I find ingredients are so important. There are also some great ones that wipe clean- but they are more of an investment and truthfully I'm more of a change baby on your lap type of mom.

  2. The Top Drawers: I put our most used products so they were super accessible. We have our diapers, wipes & baby care items in these drawers. Think about the products you'll be reaching for the most!

  3. Middle Drawers: The next thing I would need when changing my baby would be clothes so I wanted them to be close to the top as well. I love keeping my clothes rolled into outfits for my and my husband's ease. That way I don't have to use any extra brain power to make a cute outfit- they are already set to go. Plus it avoids the heinous combinations my husband would create LOL.

  4. Bottom Drawer:  This is the drawer where we keep our burp cloths, swaddles, and blankets. When choosing blankets I look for bamboo or 100% cotton and free of flame retardants.

If you have more room in the dresser, you can store more items, especially the next size-up clothing! If you have a small dresser like me, you'll want to store the rest of your items in other areas of the room (like the baby's closet!)

Shopping the link above I make a percentage off your purchase at no additional cost to you.

Bonus Tips: Keep it Organized!

  1. Drawer Dividers: Dividers are great for your ever-growing little ones as they allow you to change the space you may need for different clothing items. These dividers are adjustable and fit many size drawers but are easy to tighten so they don't budge!

  2. Bins and Baskets: Small bins and baskets can keep similar items together. Plastic bins are helpful for smaller items or products you may not want to leak as they are easily wipeable.

  3. Label Everything: Labels aren’t just for looks; they’re incredibly functional. I love this label maker because I can quickly print labels right from my phone. Labeling drawers of the dresser can help you and other caregivers keep everything in its right place and get what they need.

  4. Rotate Regularly: Babies grow quickly and their needs change. Regularly assess what’s in your drawers and rotate out items that are no longer needed or that need to be restocked. *Keep a bin or bag in the nursery for items they grow out of and toss any items that don't fit in there immediately!

  5. Keep It Accessible: Store frequently used items, like diapers, wipes, and outfits, at arm’s reach. Less frequently used items can go on lower tiers or towards the back.

  6. Maintain It Daily: Spend a few minutes at the end of each day restocking your drawers. This will make it easier to keep everything organized and ready for diaper and outfit changes the next day.

Want more information on all things nursery organization? My Nursery Organization Guide includes an entire checklist of things you are not going to want to forget to do!

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Ensuring your dresser is well-organized will assist you as a momma with easier diaper and outfit changes. Ensuring all essentials are easily accessible, organized, and within reach, you will be able to change your little with ease. Remember, they grow so fast so set yourself up for success by creating a dresser that can grow with them. Happy organizing!



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